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Good day! Thank you for visiting my site! www.aploheylus.in.ua

Maybe here you will find some of the missing items for your hobby.

Each of us is faced with a problem like breaking plastic parts.
Personally, I have this happen often …
On the site there is no minimum order.
You can buy a Mauser rifle, while paying the price of the product + $ 3 for international shipping.
Thank you for your interest!

Приветствую русскоговорящих моделистов!

Надеюсь, что здесь вы найдете что-то интересное для своего хобби.

Все модели выполнены из смолы.

  • Owner: Sergey Bilyy
  • Joined: 07/29/2016
  • Location: Kiev, Kyiv Ukraine

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